China Nylon Taffeta Fabric

China Nylon Taffeta Fabric
China Nylon Taffeta Fabric
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» The idea to reinterpret the traditional (بازديد : 11)
» The flamboyant designer showed (بازديد : 5)
» It is thrilling to be back with the all new season (بازديد : 4)
» The pieces are more practical (بازديد : 3)
» The sepia-bordered old snapshots (بازديد : 3)
» Besides imposing taxes on essential (بازديد : 3)
» A flippy skirt would look fab paired (بازديد : 3)
» A steamy scene from the movie (بازديد : 2)
» All scam-tainted leaders (بازديد : 2)
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. You may also think it’s strictly for the evening but brocade dresses down quite nicely as well. "Brocade — heavy, textured and dramatic — might spark thoughts of antique sofas or curtains in a drafty country house rather than of an elegant wardrobe. There’s a richness and luxury about it. Designer Dimple Raghani cautions, "You have to be careful if you are a healthy size, because it’s not the most slimming of fabrics. Watch out for too much volume as it can make you look like an overstuffed armchair. But it didn’t begin in Banaras until the 17th century. Considered to be one of the finest fabrics, brocade is making a rich comeback on international runways in everything from craftily made spaghetti tops, brocade print on boldly-coloured furs at Mary Katronzou, prints used as burnt velvet on sheer silk at Simone Rocha and jackets and patchwork pieces at Burberry Prorsum. Brocade weavers and patterns had arrived from Persia (modern-day Iran) via Gujarat and weavers kept arriving from Surat and Ahmedabad and settling in Banaras, displaced by natural calamities and the demise of royal workshops.

A flippy skirt would look fab paired with a cosy cropped jacket and a moto jacket paired with skinnies in a warm hue is another great option," they conclude. She asserts, "In fact, it is praised for its bi-seasonal potential. But these days the tactile, ornate material is as beloved of fashion designers as interior decorators. "Stick to one patterned item, and make it the centerpiece of your look. It’s got a very sensual appeal because it’s almost 3D in the way it’s woven."This is what we call ‘old-school gone new’, thanks to designers, both Indian and international," says designer Anupama Dayal about the fabric’s revival and comeback. As the old expression goes, "Money talks," well, so do clothes and fabrics."As with many potent looks, the key to pulling it off is about moderation. No tufting or gathers."Admittedly, with its eye-catching patterns and often heavier feel, brocade isn’t the most forgiving fabric to wear. Before that, Banaras was renowned as a cotton weaving centre. Print-heavy pieces are one of the easiest to incorporate in your summer wardrobe.Brocade, an embossed woven-silk material shot through with metallic threads, has Wholesale Nylon Taffeta Fabric for sale been worn to convey social status for centuries in places such as Byzantium, China, Italy and India." About brocade’s India connect, designer Ritika Arya Jain shares, "In India, Banaras is considered to be the hub for brocading, or silk weaving.Brocades are not restricted to Fall any more as well, says creative director of Divani, Sanya Dhir. "Limit it to one piece," suggest designer duo Diya Aroraa and Rajvvir Aroraa of the label DiyaRajvvir.

Instead, go for clean, structured lines in modern shapes such as a pencil skirt or blazer. You also have to have confidence to wear brocade. The ideal way to use it is in the form of embroidery, given its richness. They tell stories about our personalities, our income and our dreams. It is one of the ultimate dandy fabrics." She adds, "Brocade can also be teamed with georgette and chiffon, fabrics that allow it to seamlessly adapt to not just structured garments but also fluid and flattering styles. It’s all about decoration," she adds. These days they can be found in many styles under various price brackets.

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» A flippy skirt would look fab paired (پنجشنبه ۲۶ خرداد ۱۴۰۱ | ۰۸:۵۵)
» Besides imposing taxes on essential (چهارشنبه ۱۸ خرداد ۱۴۰۱ | ۱۰:۳۱)
» The sepia-bordered old snapshots (پنجشنبه ۲۹ اردیبهشت ۱۴۰۱ | ۰۹:۴۷)
» The flamboyant designer showed (چهارشنبه ۲۱ اردیبهشت ۱۴۰۱ | ۱۰:۲۵)
» All scam-tainted leaders (پنجشنبه ۰۱ اردیبهشت ۱۴۰۱ | ۰۹:۰۱)
» A steamy scene from the movie (چهارشنبه ۲۴ فروردین ۱۴۰۱ | ۱۰:۲۴)
» It is thrilling to be back with the all new season (چهارشنبه ۰۳ فروردین ۱۴۰۱ | ۰۹:۱۵)
» The pieces are more practical (سه شنبه ۲۴ اسفند ۱۴۰۰ | ۰۷:۴۸)
» The idea to reinterpret the traditional (پنجشنبه ۱۲ اسفند ۱۴۰۰ | ۰۸:۳۶)

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