China Nylon Taffeta Fabric

China Nylon Taffeta Fabric
China Nylon Taffeta Fabric
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. You may also think it’s strictly for the evening but brocade dresses down quite nicely as well. "Brocade — heavy, textured and dramatic — might spark thoughts of antique sofas or curtains in a drafty country house rather than of an elegant wardrobe. There’s a richness and luxury about it. Designer Dimple Raghani cautions, "You have to be careful if you are a healthy size, because it’s not the most slimming of fabrics. Watch out for too much volume as it can make you look like an overstuffed armchair. But it didn’t begin in Banaras until the 17th century. Considered to be one of the finest fabrics, brocade is making a rich comeback on international runways in everything from craftily made spaghetti tops, brocade print on boldly-coloured furs at Mary Katronzou, prints used as burnt velvet on sheer silk at Simone Rocha and jackets and patchwork pieces at Burberry Prorsum. Brocade weavers and patterns had arrived from Persia (modern-day Iran) via Gujarat and weavers kept arriving from Surat and Ahmedabad and settling in Banaras, displaced by natural calamities and the demise of royal workshops.

A flippy skirt would look fab paired with a cosy cropped jacket and a moto jacket paired with skinnies in a warm hue is another great option," they conclude. She asserts, "In fact, it is praised for its bi-seasonal potential. But these days the tactile, ornate material is as beloved of fashion designers as interior decorators. "Stick to one patterned item, and make it the centerpiece of your look. It’s got a very sensual appeal because it’s almost 3D in the way it’s woven."This is what we call ‘old-school gone new’, thanks to designers, both Indian and international," says designer Anupama Dayal about the fabric’s revival and comeback. As the old expression goes, "Money talks," well, so do clothes and fabrics."As with many potent looks, the key to pulling it off is about moderation. No tufting or gathers."Admittedly, with its eye-catching patterns and often heavier feel, brocade isn’t the most forgiving fabric to wear. Before that, Banaras was renowned as a cotton weaving centre. Print-heavy pieces are one of the easiest to incorporate in your summer wardrobe.Brocade, an embossed woven-silk material shot through with metallic threads, has Wholesale Nylon Taffeta Fabric for sale been worn to convey social status for centuries in places such as Byzantium, China, Italy and India." About brocade’s India connect, designer Ritika Arya Jain shares, "In India, Banaras is considered to be the hub for brocading, or silk weaving.Brocades are not restricted to Fall any more as well, says creative director of Divani, Sanya Dhir. "Limit it to one piece," suggest designer duo Diya Aroraa and Rajvvir Aroraa of the label DiyaRajvvir.

Instead, go for clean, structured lines in modern shapes such as a pencil skirt or blazer. You also have to have confidence to wear brocade. The ideal way to use it is in the form of embroidery, given its richness. They tell stories about our personalities, our income and our dreams. It is one of the ultimate dandy fabrics." She adds, "Brocade can also be teamed with georgette and chiffon, fabrics that allow it to seamlessly adapt to not just structured garments but also fluid and flattering styles. It’s all about decoration," she adds. These days they can be found in many styles under various price brackets.

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He said packed non- cooked and instant eatable items have been brought under the tax purview..5 per cent VAT will be implemented.5 per cent Value Added Taxes. According to a Real Estate business owner in Patna, "this will affect builders badly and in the coming years the rates of construction will become more costly".Sweets, dry fruits, fabric, sarees, sand, and cosmetics are some items on which additional 13. He said, "Earlier several of these items were excluded from taxes". They said, sweets, dry fruits, fabric, sarees, sand ,cosmetics, electrical goods and auto parts are some of the important items on which masses will have to pay additional 13. 4000 crore in the wake of proposed liquor ban in the state from April 1. Officials said the cabinet gave a nod to raise the VAT on at least 12 items. He said, "Currently rates in Patna or any other town in the state is much higher than the rates in NCR". The decision was taken during the cabinet meeting which was presided over by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Besides imposing taxes on essential goods and eatables the state government has also decided to impose 13.The new VAT policy will be introduced soon Wholesale Nylon Taffeta Fabric Suppliers after the notification is issued.Though the government has not clarified as to how much they expect to earn by hiking taxes on 12 items but the decision according to sources was taken to minimize the pressure of losing more than Rs.5 percent has been imposed". Patna: The state government has decided to put samosa and kachoris under the bracket of luxury items in Bihar. Speaking on the issue Principal Secretary Cabinet Brajesh Mehrotra said "salty packed items like samosa, kachori and namkin are among those items on which additional VAT of 13.5 percent tax on the purchase of sand, hitting those in the construction business. Government’s decision to impose tax on sand will hit the market badly.

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Ask elegance personified Simi Garewal, the astute-austere Gulzar or the very gorgeous Deepika Padukone, who have flawlessly carried the white as part of their formal wardrobe.But has it been able to conveniently carve a niche for itself on the fashion palette Several designers think that "white is an all-weather colour. Don’t we know that white pearls and dazzling diamonds are ladies’ best pals Or the white snowflakes in ice-capped hill-stations are a lifetime opportunity to play with.". Those select few scenes shone brilliantly amidst a riot of colourful images in the film," she gladly recalls. Even nationalist sentiments are attached to this demure dye.The magic realism of cinema is yet another attractive quality which bewilders its captive audiences. The feathery, floating white clouds in the sky is a perfect inspiration for an artist or a poet or a lensman. Slides in black and white or blown up silvery-grey motion pictures on large, giant screens at cinemaghars are unfailingly fascinating to one’s sight. "To each his own. Better delve deeper into its layered sensuality and the halo of uncanny aura around it. Even "Jumping Jack" Jitendra back in his heydays with white shoes on would be a much-revered screen-stylebhai in his own avatar. On the flip side, white as a garb of widowhood denotes a deep void, which is not easy to fill in with the ‘robbed of’ chromes from one’s life.

The sepia-bordered old snapshots from a long lost photo-album are a plea to reopen a basket of fond memories too! The marvellous white Makrana marble of the monumental Taj Mahal at Agra, one of the seven wonders of the world and an exquisite epitome of love, is a magnetic haunt for tourists of all ages, seasons and Wholesale Polyester oxford fabric Factory reasons to pay a visit. You have to change directions with a view to understand its underlying relevance. "The charm of yesteryear matinee idols never ceases to exist. Call it their trademark tone or the second suitable skin, white is inescapably synonymous with their names since one can possibly remember. Irrespective of sweltering summers, chilly winters or bright springs, its dominance is visibly increasing. Don’t misjudge it by its soft, placid surface, they all say in unison. Movies from the black-n-white era score a brownie point on this front as they still allure a large number of viewers to their television sets or when re-released on the 70 mm silver-screens. No wonder whoever wears it, exudes a dash of smart attitude on his way. Even if celluloid classics like Mughal-e-Azam, Mother India or Hum Dono got refurbished in colour, their erstwhile versions still reign countless memories and hearts," shares 20-year-old film-school student Prajakta Kesari of Kolkata.Is white a shade of everlasting appeal Many colour-exponents feel that it is a time-honoured hue which can never fade into oblivion. However, the blank white creative canvas of a painter indicates a cauldron of enormous possibilities lying ahead. In other words, it is eternally in vogue and accentuates a dark backdrop only to generously enhance a comparatively brighter tint. Even fashion pundits swear by its classic charm, regal grandeur and graceful purity on high-octane runways.

It’s season-neutral and is a vital ingredient of a la mode clothing". When probed if white can certainly brighten up the "glamsham" circuit, pat comes menswear maker Medhavini Khaitan’s reply: "Of course, why not We have earlier seen it being used in layering, draping and surface ornamentation. Currently, the director-duo brothers Abbas-Mustan (besides their just-released film Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu) are yet again grabbing all eyeballs for their spotlessly starched and laundry-washed white outfits.From politics to virtuous nobility; pedantic discussions to scholarly wisdom plus social Samaritanism, white is donned with effortless élan and paraded as a befitting metaphor in every camp. It is a loving and giving colour. The pristine white beauty stands tall with its four minarets and the lovely Mughal gardens along the banks of river Yamuna. In the same vein, every colour connotes a different meaning to different people. "In recent times I remember watching Goutam Ghose’s sequel Abar Aranye wherein glimpses of Satyajit Ray’s masterpiece prequel Aranyer Dinratri were shown and that made all the difference to my viewing experience. For instance, the Gandhian charkha-spun khaddar in muted whites and off-white tinges is a clothing of great honour and privilege. What is a half-empty glass to you, may be half-filled with water for another. When it comes to fashion, white certainly stands for sobriety, sophistication and endurance," endorses Mumbai-based designer Ritu Seksaria." The silk white organza fabric, the thick white yarn spun into a textured crochet material, the soft tissue-like wispy white brasso used in lehengas, saris and salwar-kurtas, white Lucknowi chikan suits, the thin and light-weight translucent white gauze with a loose open weave employed in manufacturing flowy blouses, dresses, sequinned white cotton outfits or the richly decorative shuttle-woven brocade fabric with or without gold or silver threads are some of the finest fabrics.

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"But a woman should be allowed to not to wear a bra under her T-shirt," he added."We are living in a quite policed world, and I was looking for a pretext to show freedom for all," he said. Its all about freedom to enjoy yourself and not take life too seriously..But Snoeren denied that a show-stopping gold-fringed power raincoat with a raised relief breastplate of the word "No" had anything to do with the Wholesale bag fabric manufacturersMeToo.Lizzy Martinez, 17, made headlines in April when she said teachers told her to wear a second shirt and put plasters on her nipples after they claimed other students had been distracted by her breasts.Gaultier played with nipple visibility in four other looks in his autumn-winter collection # that was a typically playful celebration of liberty and transgression."High-flying Dutchmen Gaultier also tease convention by using the cigarette -- the number one enemy of health authorities around the world -- as the inspiration for much of his jewellery.His heavily two-tone black and white show started with a run of "No smoking" slogans on jumpers and jackets, which the designer said was a play on "le smoking", the French term for a tuxedo."I dont say that you must bare your breasts."I wanted to show that you can walk around with bare breasts without be attacked or aggressed.He told AFP that if "men had the right to go bare-chested why not women?"And to hammer home the point he had a barechested male and female model walk the catwalk, each wearing  see-through police visors with the legend, "Free the nipple" in French and English."If there is any message in the show, it is this," he said pointing to "I love you" written in elegant script on his white shirt.

French fashion icon Jean-Paul Gaultier opened up a new front in the battle over bras Wednesday with "Free the nipple" slogans in his Paris haute couture show.Gaultier said it was a "scandalous" that a girl should be treated that way, and used his collection to support her."We should be free to either smoke or not," said Gaultier."We wanted a clean slate," Rolf Snoeren -- the more talkative half of the avant-garde pair -- told AFP backstage afterwards.If they werent so futuristic, the ruffed sleeves and accordion pleats worn by some models looked almost Elizabethan, while the huge squeezed exaggerated sleeves on a final silvery white coat made its wearer look like an archangel from the future.And they certainly let their imaginations run riot with a candyfloss tulle dress that looked like some giant had taken bites out of it, a harlequin suit shaped as a heart, and a diamond-encrusted duvet dress that came with its own collar/halo of satin pillows. I am very much for corsets and bras, clearly I like them," said the designer who came up with Madonnas famous conical bustiers.The brilliant Dutch duo Viktor & Rolf celebrated their quarter century together with an all-white collection that showcased their giddy, convention-defying creativity.The flamboyant designer showed his support for a Florida teenager who was made to cover her nipples in bandages at her high school for not wearing a bra under her sweatshirt."You can see the nipples and the jewellery but you cant touch," he said.

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Hitting back at BJP on the issue of corruption, Rahul Gandhi on Sunday asked why Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave tickets to tainted leaders thrown out of Congress and took the "trash" into his party."Modiji has no right to talk about corruption.The Congress leader, who held a 75-km roadshow here ahead of February 15 polls in Uttarkhand, said Modi had no right to talk about corruption as "tainted" former Congress leaders now adorned BJPs ranks."I had told (Chief Minister Harish) Rawatji that make sure you do not allow corruption..Haridwar (rural), one of the two seats being contested by Chief Minister Harish Rawat, is also located in the district.Beginning the roadshow from Bhagwanpur and crossing Har ki Pairi via Pirankaliyar, Puhana, Rampurchungi, Bijholi, Manglaur, Laksar and Landhaura, Rahuls cavalcade covered a distance of 75 kms touching all the eleven constituencies.Accusing Modi of failing to bring black money stashed away in 96 countries, the Congress vice-president alleged that he had misled people by demonetisation and made the whole country stand in queues.

Criticising the PM for his raincoat barb against his predecessor Manmohan Singh, the Congress leader said the words he chose did not match the dignity of the office he holds.Rahuls roadshow in Haridwar district is important because many rebel Congress Wholesale printed fabric factory leaders now in BJP are contesting from seats located in the district including Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion from Khanpur and Pradeep Batra from Roorkee. All scam-tainted leaders who were earlier with us are now with BJP," Rahul said at a public meeting in Puhana after starting his roadshow from Bhagwanpur in Haridwar district which has the maximum number of eleven assembly constituencies. But I want to ask my BJP friends why have you given tickets to the corrupt leaders we have thrown out of the party? Why does Modiji embrace them? We had thrown out trash from Uttarakhand but Modi has lifted it and put it in his party," he said. You should put pressure on those indulging in corruption. Modiji says he is fighting against corruption.

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The myth that only typical commercial films succeed has been broken by the audiences; we’ve been trying for it."Ajay, who has featured in a number of non-commercial movies, like Raincoat, also said that showcasing films like Parched in festivals is important to promote and raise awareness about them. Parched talks about various women-related issues like domestic abuse and violence against women..When asked about releasing the film in India after having showcased it all over the world, Ajay said, "It’s sad that we had to start off with the film around the world instead of our own country.says Ajay Devgn, who is releasing the much-acclaimed movie in India this month.

A steamy scene from the movie, which starred Radhika and Adil Hussain, had gone viral earlier.Ajay Devgn has thrown his weight behind the upcoming film, Parched, as a producer. Ajay chose to avoid a query based on the scene being a part of the film for Indian audiences. However, Ajay says that more than women, the film is for men, so that they can learn from it." Ajay was speaking at a press conference China polyester taffeta fabric for sale about the movie, and he added, "After travelling all over, when the film has finally come here, we feel that it will definitely be accepted in India. During the event, Ajay also refused to comment, not only about the Kamaal R Khan audio tape controversy, but also about his next movie Shivaay, clashing with Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. He said that there were no issues with the censor board and the makers’ request for an A certificate was accepted by the board. But that’s because there are audiences that accept such films abroad.

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The winner of LIVA Miss Diva 2020 will represent India at the esteemed global platform Miss Universe 2020 and LIVA Miss Diva Supranational 2020 will represent the country at the Miss Supranational 2020.Face of the campaign and Miss Diva Universe 2019, Vartika Singh, also shared her emotions about the pageant that proved life-changing for her, "My crowning moment was extremely emotional, and I feel overwhelmed to think of passing it on to the next Miss Diva Universe."The two-part reality series of LIVA Miss Diva 2020 will be aired on MTV – India’s No."Expressing his thoughts about Miss Diva, Rohit Gopakumar, COO, Miss India Organization said, "We are extremely excited and gratified to have launched the 8 th edition of Miss Diva. To be able to give these incredible women such a platform is an honor in itself and we look forward to embarking on this journey with them. Collaborating in this incredible journey of bringing forth Indian beauty and talent at the global beauty platform, LIVA Miss Diva 2020, will continue its tradition to find that China Nylon Taffeta Fabric Factory one girl who will revolutionize the definition of Beautiful, Confident, Dynamic, Vivacious with an aim to extend whole-hearted support to the new generation women who have the potential to lead and represent the country in the future. Each year the pageant sees some fabulous talent from the country and the journey of finding the most deserving Indian face worthy of representing India on a global level is exceptional. Each of them donned ensembles created by Schulen Fernandes for Wendell Rodricks curated from LIVA fabric. Apart from the fame and glory, the winner also stands a chance to take home prizes in cash and kind, running upto 10 lacs. Here’s hoping they find success. They were joined by Vartika Singh, reigning Miss Diva Universe."Rajeev Gopal – Chief Global Sales & Marketing Officer, Birla Cellulose added "We are very excited to join hands with Miss Diva this year.Lara Dutta, in conjunction with an illustrious set of panelists and judges will cherry-pick the contestants and judge them on various parameters.

The chosen ones from these cities will arrive at Mumbai for the final auditions trailed by a 4 city preliminary media tours in Jaipur, Bangalore, Delhi and Bombay complimented by various sub-contests which shall culminate into thematic evenings. It is going to be a journey of hard work and perseverance filled with countless worthwhile moments for the contestants. Through the course of the pageant, each finalist will undergo extensive training & grooming to hone them for the Grand Finale where the next LIVA Miss Diva 2020 will be crowned in the month of February. The evening was hosted by actor and renowned anchor Jitin Gulati.Miss Diva 2020 announced the launch of its 8 th edition and association of LIVA, the fashion ingredient brand as Title Sponsor over a press conference graced by Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta and the reigning Miss Diva Universe, Vartika Singh.The evening witnessed a mesmerizing showcase of dynamic Miss Divas who have made their mark in the history of beauty pageants. Like each year, I’m looking forward to meeting these striking young women who are unbelievably driven towards achieving their goals. I’d only like them to know that it’s going to be a worthwhile phase regardless of victory or defeat.Besides, Zarir Warden from Mumbai-based band ONEmpire kept the audience engaged with his performance.LIVA Miss Diva 2020, the coveted beauty pageant, pursued by several young women in the country will once again witness young aspirants from across the nation competing for the coveted title.

This season, we are also proud to announce our collaboration with LIVA whose natural fluid fashion creations are unique, graceful and high spirited.Vartika SinghThe official press conference of LIVA Miss Diva 2020 was held amidst the media & bloggers fraternity on 11th November at the Sofitel Mumbai BKC - the only French luxury destination in the heart of the city - that played the perfect host as venue partner. LIVA’s brand ethos, #LiveYourFlow, encourages women to be spontaneous, confident, unhindered and free as they live in the moment."Speaking on the occasion, Mentor Lara Dutta, said "It is thrilling to be back with the all new season of LIVA Miss Diva 2020.Associating with a beauty pageant for the first time as a Title Sponsor is LIVA, the fashion ingredient brand.Actor and renowned anchor Jitin Gulati with Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta. The brand is a true personification of a Miss Diva. We believe that Miss Diva, like LIVA, celebrates the women of today who radiate confidence, spontaneity and poise. We hope it will be one that brings us back the sweet taste of triumph. LIVA has redefined fashion with its fluid fabrics to create garments synonymous with comfort and freedom.. Commencing on 16 th November 2019, the auditions will unfold in eleven cities - Lucknow, Kolkata, Indore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai - where aspirant divas from across the country can come to transform their dreams to reality.Once again, Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta has united with the pageant as a mentor to find that one girl who will epitomize intelligence, compassion, exuberance and charisma.1 youth brand. It resonates with every nascent Diva, making this partnership a seamless fit. Made with 100% natural fabrics, LIVA’s lightweight feel is perfect for aspiring Divas to chase success, unrestricted. However, I’m also excited about witnessing the entire course of choosing the face of the country, this time from a different outlook and I wish all the luck to the girls aspiring to be LIVA Miss Diva 2020. As a brand we encourage women to be uninhibited, self- assured and unrestrained through the fluidity of our fabric.LIVA’s flawless drapes and breathable fabric, give every rising Diva a chance to glide, breathe and flow as they conquer the stage.

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So how did this get converted into glamour and not just that but a trend that’s taking over the runways!Well, that’s what fashion is all about — Art and getting creative with what’s around you. Like a coat, loose, open-fronted and always closed with a belt. Eitherways, the end result is very chic!Mamta Roy, who owns a high fashion manufacturing unit that exports to several high end designers globally says, "The Robe dresses, generally flowing dresses were normally worn as a part of the official dress of a peer or royalty.—The writer helms a  fashion brand with international elements, and walks the talk when it comes to runway rousing!.Many designers, to name a few, Versace, Alexander Wang, Miu Miu, Scot Stevenson, Moschino, and many more have created various versions of the robe dress playing with different fabrics, length, cut and style.Some of the most recent Iconic "Robe Dress" moments would have to be :Rihanna in 2015 proved that the Guo Pei haute Couture robe dress she wore to the Met Gala went perfectly well on the glamorous red carpet walk.So while a traditional robe was worn as a bathrobe, just out of the shower or around a pool made from towelling or other absorbent fabric, and may be donned while the wearer’s body is wet, serving both as a towel or to just cover the body. So satin, yes maybe, but stay away from print or you will look like a fake Geisha and not too soft colors or you look like your wearing your lingerie.A great cover up dress, can be super sexy if the fabric is carefully chosen, high slits with a peek-a-boo effect and low necklines. The satin robe dress, oh lord, looks so nice on pictures but once you actually get it on at the store you suddenly realize people will think you just stepped out of your bed. With fabulous styling, and colour add a cut that you desire to wear.

In our opinion, there could be a fine line here easily crossed over to what could be boring or trashy even. As usual, I’d love to explore the origin of this term and birth of this trend.Most recently, the Korean sensation Lee Chae-rin better known by her stage name CL, wore an oversize terrycloth robe gown from Vaquera’s Spring 2018 collection to the CFDA Awards.Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn to Faye Dunaway have in the past made the robe look so hot that in my opinion have inspired many designers to replicate the trend and transform the terry to silk and make it a trend that remains desirable by many. But, most importantly don’t make fashion own you. Boots make it more fun. Also a wrap dress give a woman the option to play with the neckline .Celine Bolton a fashion consultant and stylist from France, says, "The Robe dress or most commonly known as wrap dress is always a nice piece to have in your closet. Also worn sometimes over a nightwear especially over a lingerie when not in bed. A delicate flash of legs and it can be very va va voom too.

The pieces are more practical than they may seem at first glance since most of them can be worn as a dress or left undone over a tank and jeans as a lightweight jacket. The Robe dress in our opinion is synonymous to just that!Bushra, a very popular fashion blogger from Dubai says, it’ can be difficult to article the power of robe dresses as it has a strong and long history that kept changing over the years to represent certain religious or ethical principles. Well let’s learn just a little more about it. Very comfortable and casual, it comes in so many different styles and fabrics. I would recommend it for those (like me), trying to hide a few extra pounds.Quoting Orson Welles here, we’d like to add, "Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn". Personally I think they are very forgiving as this style skims and highlights a womans curves while synching in the waist .‘Robe’ dress in itself is self explanatory. Be careful with the cleavage (careful, too China raincoat fabric factory open is trashy!). A hybrid between a kimono and a dressing gown, robe dresses were brought out of the bedroom and onto the catwalks by various topmost international brands. You decide what suits you and express your personality and how you want the world to see you.Ila Dorairaj Naidu, a former model and celebrity columnist who is a fashion playful , shoe serious Louboutin-o-phile and stylista says, "I love wrap dresses. Short ones are equally hot, gets hotter if made in silk and worn with a strappy pair of sleek stilettos.. Classy or fun, can be a choice you make out of it.The English word Robe is derived from the French word Robe which is itself taken from the Frankish word!A robe has always been considered as an ‘outer garment’, something we generally relate to the ones you see hanging in the bathroom in hotels or the ones you get to see during graduation day or what’s worn by priests. In 2017, she again wore a short feathered Prada robe to the Met Gala after party. Only, this time it was short & sexy. making it day to evening". The Pajama dressing trend has reached an all new high". Surprisingly, this has been a trend for the past few years now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere yet. To summarise, when it comes to wrap dresses, I go with under or above knee that I pair with little heels, platform sandals for daily look, I watch my cleavage, and I think of the fabric print that is not too big and crazy wild.

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I just buy a lot of mix and matched colours."This collection was actually supposed to be depicted through dots and dashes but that wasn’t really working."However, there are quite a few setbacks that she faces. Watching my embroiderer and tailor work over the years has helped me understand their work process. Soon after the designer completed her high school, she was confident about doing something in this field. She admits that the collection is one that she is extremely proud of.The eponymous label recently added the Gond collection, which went on to define the designer’s work. "I want to recreate Indian prints onto fabric. With a small rented studio and two tailors, she started working on décor, cushion covers and accessories. "Soon, I started getting requests from close friends and relatives to make bedspreads on an order basis.

The idea to reinterpret the traditional sari came up when she decided to experiment with her mother’s nine-yard garment. I mainly pick up the raw silk bits from leftover creations rather than fresh bundles of fabric.". "My school holidays meant attending arts and crafts summer camps or working with crafts at home," she recalls.Space designer Hamsini Hariharan takes inspiration from the daily things in life. "Embroideries have been inspired from my love for Indian folk art," she states, adding that visited exhibitions in her hometown, Bangalore also inspired her. Some other times, inspiration strikes her after she gets fabrics. But sometimes what can be done on paper is never quiet the same on fabric" she rues, concluding that design for her is "functional and practical, no matter what. For instance, she has revived Kancheevaram saris into bedspreads. That’s when I finally thought about starting a home linen design company," she adds.In 2009, she started out with paper products and customised wedding invitations."The Indian folk art has steered her to consciously include these styles in her work. "It made sense to utilise them if one doesn’t intend to wear them," explains Hamsini, adding that the bedspreads can be made out of one or multiple saris. Incidentally, this idea struck her when she wasn’t China coated fabric manufacturers looking for one. "Everything happens organically.The designer, who doesn’t have a formal training in design or tailoring, admits that she took a while to understand the intricacies of design from across the world. She says, "It took me a while to understand designs. That’s one of the reasons why we sometimes have limited pieces in each colour.Hamsini’s brush with arts started during her pre-teens. So we instead added a kantha-inspired stitch," explains Hamsini.

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توسط China Nylon Taffeta Fabric | تعداد بازديد : 11 | لينك ثابت
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